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                                       Images from the Movingstage Brer Rabbit series





                                Brer Rabbit has a confab with Brer Tortoise



                                                     Brer Buzzard talks to Brer Fox



                                                          Brer Fox stalks Brer Rabbit



                                         Brer in Africa


To book for Brer Rabbit and the Tarbaby




  Uncle Remus by Joel Chandler Harris


   "When the Brer Rabbit stories were first

   published, the book was included in a 

   catalogue of humorous publications.

   However humorous it may be in effect,

   its intention is perfectly serious. These folk

   lore legends have been preserved with a

   genuine flavour of the old plantations. The

   tales are found in various modified forms in

   the stories of both the North and South

   American aboriginal peoples and in those

   of Africa and Asia. One thing is certain;

   the stories found in the southern states

   of America were brought over from Africa by

    the slaves and contain vivid hints of

   the poetic imagination of the African poets

   of the past. The weakest and most harmless

   of all animals is victorious in contests with

   the fox, the bear and others. It is not malice

   that triumphs but mischievousness."


  The marionette stage is the perfect vehicle for

   the telling of these stories. The mystery of

   the movement of the animal characters allows

   the audience, even the most sophisticated,

   to identify with Brer Rabbit and his cohorts

   in a series of allegoric tales; metaphors for

   our own human frailties.




The Puppet Theatre Barge moored at Cliveden on the River Thames




The barge moored at Little Venice on the Regents Canal, London


 Review Quotes


  "Everyone who's visited the Puppet Theatre Barge moored in

    Little Venice knows it's one of the most charming theatrical

    experiences  London has to offer. From the moment you step

    aboard you're transported to the wonderful world of

    Movingstage Marionettes, with their humourous, song-filled

    string-alongs."                                                           TIME OUT 


   "My children were spellbound throughout and my senses

    were so tangled up, I needed a minute or two to collect myself."

                                                   COUNTRY AND TOWN HOUSE


   "A gorgeous and skilful performance at a great location. A visit to

    The Puppet Theatre Barge in Little Venice is the perfect treat for

     an adult or child."                                EVERYTHING THEATRE






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