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The Hare & the Tortoise & other stories
24 September till 01 October - Richmond
05 November till 11 November - Little Venice
Aesop’s Fables are an exciting collection of tales, all told using beautiful wood-carved marionettes, and culminating in the evergreen classic “The Hare and the Tortoise”. Other stories feature storms to be weathered, ferocious lions to be overcome, and a group of daredevil mice who plot to hoodwink a cat. As ever, with Aesop, there are always a few morals to take away with you at the end.
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The River Girl
29 September till 30 September - Richmond
03 November till 26 November - Little Venice
In this fairytale style poem by award-winning poet Wendy Cope, Isis, the River Girl, falls hopelessly in love with a mortal poet. She begs Father Thames to free her from the river and allow her to live out her dreams, but not everything goes according to plan. With her characteristic irony and humour, Wendy Cope playfully explores the gender politics around the universal themes of love and loss.
Box Office 020 7249 6876
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The Three Little Pigs plus Captain Grimey
21 October till 29 October - Little Venice
The Three Little Pigs and is a lively show that breathes new life into these well-known characters – each pig has an air of mischief and naivety, while the wicked wolf has just a hint of a wry smile. Captain Grimey is the dirtiest, most miserable, one-legged sea captain in the world - find out how the Golden Dolphin helps him become Captain Shiney and find happiness, in this humorous morality tale.
Box Office 020 7249 6876