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The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse
17 November till 18 November - Little Venice
These two famous mouse cousins take it in turns to visit one another. First the Town Mouse goes to stay with the County Mouse and has to face up to the unfamiliar world of the wild countryside. Then, the Country Mouse heads into town and has to learn to escape from the house cat and navigate the noisy city traffic. Each mouse ends up much the wiser as a result of their exciting adventures. A delight for young and old, told with rod puppets, music and sing- along songs.
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The Butterfly's Spell
05 January till 03 February - Little Venice
A young poet beetle falls in love with an injured butterfly, a creature from outside his own realm. The other insects around him are disturbed: some try to persuade him to be sensible and remain in his own sphere, but others realise that the need to follow one’s heart’s desire, into the imagination, may be the only way to freedom. Lorca’s first play is a symbolist masterpiece, exploring many of the characteristic themes, of forbidden love and the imminence of death, that infuse his later work.
This show is narrated in English.
We do not have a licence to sell alcohol but you are welcome to bring your own to enhance your enjoyment of the show.
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Mr Rabbit meets Brer Santa
01 December till 31 December - Little Venice
Brer Rabbit is back to his mischievous ways in this Christmas adventure full of fun and surprises. Will Mr Fox outsmart him this time? Staged with beautiful lighting, unique hand-carved marionettes, and voiced by Rudolf Walker, better known as Patrick Truman in Eastenders ‘Mr Rabbit meets Brer Santa’ promises to capture the imagination of young and old! Suitable for everyone from 3 years upwards.
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