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The Insect Circus
20 August till 06 October - Richmond
Visiting company String Theatre invites the audience to forget reality and become immersed in the strange and beautiful world of the Insect Circus. Beetles and grasshoppers, wasps and dragonflies, demonstrate their dexterity with great skill and humour.
Presented using marionettes, the show breathes new life into the traditional techniques used in Victorian trick marionettes. A show without words.
Box Office 020 7249 6876
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30 August till 05 October - Richmond
Spirit takes the audience on a captivating journey of ordinary people’s otherworldly experiences. The puppetry moves from delicate marionette to table top and from object theatre to shadows. The visuals of the show are constructed around the voices of real people relating personal stories and contemplating life and living. Their reflections and narratives are humorous, inspiring and in some cases deeply moving.
Box Office 020 7249 6876