(All Productions are marionette shows unless otherwise stated.)

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Medieval poem adapted from the translation by Brian Stone. Published by Penguin. First performed at the London Puppet Festival and the Festival of Fools. Carved marionettes by Gren Middleton. Shadow puppets by Juliet Rogers.

Bottom's Dream

Adapted from William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Commissioned by the London Borough of Hackney to celebrate Shakespeare's birthday and his association with Shoreditch. Features Roger Lloyd Pack voicing Bottom. Subsequently toured to venues and festivals in UK and Germany. Toured Pakistan for the Peerzada brothers from Karachi to Rawalpindi giving 27 performances in 30 days. The marionettes were exhibited in Italy and Austria.

The Birdman

A production without words devised with music by Matthew Scott. This is a play for festival audiences that has been performed at the Albion Fairs in Suffolk, The Festival of Fools, the Londonderry Festival, Ireland, Palestine National Theatre Festival, and Pakistan International Festival of Theatre, Music and Puppetry, Henley Festival of music and the Arts and many others.

The Ancient Mariner

Adapted from the poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Toured the UK and Germany. Features voice of Kenneth Griffith and music by Rory Allam.

The Magic Box

Devised by the company. A play without words, produced for special needs groups.

Thomas the Rhymer

A traditional poem adapted by Juliet Rogers. Performed at the Festival of The South Bank, 'Summerscope' under the direction Sir Simon Rattle. Music by Rory Allam.

The Butterfly's Spell

F. Garcia Lorca. Production features beetle marionettes carved by Gren Middleton.. Voices by Alton Kumalo, Peggy Phango and other Sowetan actors. Performed for a special festival at the Natural History Museum, London.

The Tempest

Out of William Shakespeare's last play the production features carved marionettes by Gren Middleton, the voices of Roger Lloyd Pack and Kenneth Griffith, music composed by Rory Allam. The puppets were exhibited at the National Theatre, London.

The Flight of Babuscha Baboon

A marionette spectacle of the poem by Harry Marshall. Features carved marionettes by Gren Middleton and the voice of Ben Onwukwe. Shadow puppets by Juliet Rogers.

The River Girl

Written by Wendy Cope, commissioned by Movingstage and premiered at the Henley Festival of Music and the Arts. on the Theatre Barge. The text has been published by Faber and Faber. Presented on BBC Radio 4.

Mr Fox, Mr Rabbit and Mr Terrapin

Adapted by J. E. M. Rogers from the original slave stories of the plantations of the southern states of America collected by Joel Chandler Harris. Features a jazz soundtrack composed and played by Dick Heckstall Smith and Dave Moore. Voiced by Rudolf Walker.

The Hare and the Tortoise and other tales from Aesop

Adapted by J E M Rogers. Voiced by Rudolf Walker. Music by Rory Allam. Performed at the Pakistan International Festival of Music Theatre and Puppetry.

A Child’s Garden of Verse

Inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson’s collection of poems and featuring various poets such as Young Masters Puppet Show by John Marchant, Rilloby Rill, The Butterfly's Ball by William Roscoe, The Wind and the Moon by George McDonald, The Man and the Snake by La Fontaine, The Daddy Longlegs and the Fly by Edward Lear.

All He Fears

A specially commissioned play written by Howard Barker and is an example of his Theatre of Catastrophe. Commissioned by Movingstage and premiered at the Brighton Festival. The play features specially composed music by Matthew Scott and the voices of Ian McDiarmird, Harriet Walter & Stepanie Fayerman. Marionettes Carved by Gren Middleton, Settings by Annabel Keatley, Costumes by Juliet Rogers, wire rod puppets by Colleen Magennis. The play follows the fate of BOTIUS, a philosopher of circumstances, who brings down upon himself, by an appalling intellectual collusion, everything he dreads. The work challenges the imagination with a visually striking and visionary journey. It is an extraordinary work. Characters include a prostitute, hooligans and a rat. The visuals resemble a moving living hologram. Chosen to represent British drama in the Mainz festival, Germany.

Mr Rabbit Meets Brer Santa Claus

This original xmas story by J.E.M. Rogers is specially written for the marionette stage with characters based on the characters created by Joel Chandler Harris.

The Picture Stick

A co-production with theatre company Caught In The Act. Written by Christopher Higgins the play is a drama about bullying for school performances.

Red Riding Hood & the Wolf Who Tried to Eat Her

An original play by Deborah Jones, commissioned by Movingstage. Features the voice of Phillip Voss and music by Guy Denning.

Brer Rabbit Visits Africa

A contemporary story by J.E.M. Rogers featuring the traditional folk character of Brer Rabbit from Uncle Remus by Joel Chandler Harris. Music composed by Andrew Harrod. Voiced by Rudolf Walker. Carved marionettes by Gren Middleton.

Captain Grimey plus, The Three Little Pigs

A double bill, adapted by JEM Rogersfeaturing a humorous cautionary tale of Captain Grimey, the dirtiest sea captain in the world, who is rescued by the Golden Dolphin and mends his ways. The second part is an original telling of the popular and witty tale of 'The Three Little Pigs'. A rod puppet show designed for touring to small scale venues for children. Age range 3 - 8 years.


William Shakespeare. A massive spectacle with marionettes featuring the voices of Toby Stevens, Roger Lloyd Pack, Gillian Barge, Alan Cox. Marionettes carved and dressed by Australian artist Lucy Turner. Drums and burning piano by Andrew Rankin of The Pogues. Lighting and direction by Gren Middleton.

Millennium Mischief

Written by leading Punch and Judy Professor and former TV director Glyn Edwards, the script was commissioned by Movingstage. The marionettes were made by Ken Barrnard, grandson of 19th century marionettist Richard Barnard, and based on traditional Punch characters.

City Revelations

A commissioned script by Rough Guide writer Rob Humphreys, celebrating the history of the City of London for millennium celebrations in the City of Westminster. Shadow puppets designed by Felicitas Aga and made by Rachael Leonard.

The Swing at Night

A second marionette drama by Howard Barker commissioned by Movingstage. The play is a tribute to the beauty of the sexual mother, a poem of forbidden love, a meditation on the sexuality of the mother and the infant son. She, the epitome of nakedness, sits beneath the naked all day long, returning at night to the child and the swing where the freight trains sigh and the moon conspires in a terrible secret. This production explores a transgressive subject in a personal, haunting and intimate way, so that the audience cannot separate itself from the events by taking refuge in detachment. The marionette stage is filled with emotions which only puppets can deal with, emotions almost too large for actors. The design is austere with exquisite tonal and colour values. A haunting and intimate poem of forbidden love. The production features the voices of actors Ian McDiarmid and Victoria Wicks. Marionettes carved by Gren Middleton include transparent figures.


The play by Byron, described by the poet as 'theatre of the mind', inspired both Tchaikovsky and Schumann to compose pieces based on the writing. Manfred, philosopher-magician, consults the spirit world hoping for forgiveness for an illicit love affair. Some might say the play gives an insight into the mind of Lord Byron. This production has a haunting beauty and a mystery which will not be forgotten. A marionette spectacle with text by one of England's most famous poets. Sound sculptures by Derek Shiel played by Toby Burgess and Steve Gibson.

The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse

Written by J.E.M. Rogers. A rod puppet show based on the fable by Aesop. The story tells of two cousins who visit each other, both experiencing exciting new sights and sounds. Puppets made by Juliet Rogers. Music by Matthew Scott. Voiced by Peter Reeves.

Out of the Heart of Darkness

Adapted from the novel by Joseph Conrad by Gren Middleton, The story of a journey up the Congo in search of the elusive Kurtz. Featuring the voices of Danny Sapani, Alan Cox, Louise Middleton, Ben Onwukwe, Susan Salmon. Told with all the power of the marionette stage with evocative lighting, backdrops. Marionettes carved by Nele DeCraeker and Gren Middleton. Supported by the Joseph Conrad Society the production earned rave reviews by the Guardian and Time Out.

Footprints in the Wilderness

Adapted from the book Zululand Shadow and Soul by Dr Ian Player and the works of Sir Lourens van der Post by Gren Middleton and Juliet Rogers. This moving drama tells the story of Dr Ian Player, the man who led the team that saved the white Rhino from extinction and who is responsible for showing the way forward in the rescue of the last few areas of true wilderness left on earth. His experience is also the story of the getting of wisdom. Features a shadow sequence set in the caves of the Drakensberg, depicting bushman rituals by Juliet Rogers, carved marionettes and painted backdrops by Elizabeth Barron. Features the voices of Simon Callow, Ben Onwukwe, Annie Capper, Louise Middleton.


The Money Game

Based on the work of Australian cartoonist and film maker Bruce Petty the production follows the adventures of boy who grows up and learns the way of the world. A story full of pathos and wisdom.


Fowl Play

A farmyard adventure. A foal is born that is the cause for much excitement among the animals. The chickens soon spread the news which leads to an unexpected turn of events.

Features beautifully carved animal marionettes and specially composed music by Oscar winning Stephen Warbeck.








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