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The Three Little Pigs and the Wolf

This show will delight both adults and children with this witty rendition of the popular tale complimented by specially commissioned music and script.

The enchanting figures bring new life to the characters - the three nimble pigs have an air of mischief and naivety, while the sly wicked wolf has a hint of a wry smile. There is an exciting crescendo leading up to the wolf meeting his gruesome end...!
(Suitable for 3 years and above)


Captain Grimey

Captain Grimey Grimey with Fishermen

Captain Grimey is the dirtiest, most miserable, one-legged sea captain in the world, who likes nothing better than to pollute the seas. It is not until the Golden Dolphin befriends him and helps him to regain a decent wooden leg and to see the error of his ways, that he becomes Captain Shiney and finds true happiness, in this humourous tale.
(Suitable for 3 years and above)

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