The company has an active educational policy which reaches large numbers of children every year, with its programme of work in schools.

The Project

This workshop is an introduction to puppetry – one of the oldest forms of entertainment and communication.     




The company offers two workshops suitable for the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One.


Length of workshops:

Foundation Stage – 30-40 minutes

Key Stage One – 45 minutes


Students are introduced to the art of puppetry as a form of theatre or performance.


The session involves a demonstration of historical puppets from around the world and the children are shown how each different puppet is

made and manipulated. This includes a section on shadow puppetry with an explanation of the principles of light and shadow.


The children are given the opportunity to interact and explore role play with the various puppet characters, to listen to one another and to

share their thoughts and ideas about what they have seen.


The workshop supports the national curriculum for the EYFS and Key Stage One in the following ways:


Communication and language development – role play and discussion


Personal, social and emotional development –social skills and confidence


Expressive arts and design – role play, exploring design & technology, discussion of ideas


Design and technology – designing and making


Science – light and shadow



Technical needs

The performance area requires floor space measuring 2.5m wide by 2.5m deep.
One 13 amp socket. 2 x rectangular tables and 3 x chairs.
The space is needed for 45 minutes prior to the workshop start and for 30 minutes to strike after its end.

To facilitate a successful theatrical experience we recommend that the space used has a blackout

Please phone for available dates and cost



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